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The Institute of Digestive Diseases (IMAD) located at Nantes University Hospital, is an alliance of care, research and teaching forces specialising in liver and digestive diseases.

The Institute of Digestive Diseases (IMAD) brings together over 300 people, clinicians (gastroenterologists and hepatologists), digestive surgeons specialising in adults and children, healthcare personnel, researchers, laboratory personnel, lecturers and students, who collaborate around the same objective: to advance the management of liver and digestive diseases for the patients.

A triple mission

In response to the expectations of patients and their clinicians, the Institute of Digestive Diseases (IMAD) is based on a triple mission:
• promote a complete range of CARE for all digestive and liver diseases;
• promote the advancement of knowledge through original RESEARCH programs;
• promote quality professionalizing TRAINING.

The Institute of Digestive Diseases (IMAD) was created in 2005, and has been increasingly active ever since. It fosters yearly events for specialized and public audience (find more in the EVENT section). Representatives of the Institute are present in national and international congresses, and clinicians and researchers are recognized experts in the following fields and collaborate with (find more in the RESEARCH section)
Selected expertise of the Institute :



The Institute of Digestive Diseases (IMAD), since 2008, has been accompanied in its missions by the SANTEDIGE foundation. The Foundation is gathering industrial companies from different areas (nutrition, diagnostic device, pharmaceutical companies, and other) sharing common values and the importance of bringing clinicians and researchers together to accelerate medical progress. Through its financial support, the SANTEDIGE Foundation contributes to the set up of innovative research projects, educational events, student exchange programmes, and patient’s training



Pr Emmanuel CORON, IMAD Director

For collaboration or information please contact us by e-mail at : contact(a)

The Flyer of the Institute of Digestive Diseases IMAD & the SANTEDIGE Foundation can downloaded here.

Links to the different entities of the Institute of Digestive Disease (IMAD)
The Institute includes 2 health-care units Of Nantes University Hospital :
Hepato-Gastro-Enterology, Digestive Oncology and Nutritional Assistance Department
Dr J. Gournay
Digestive and Endocrine Surgery Department
Pr E. Mirallié

Link to the english page of Nantes University Hospital 

and 3 research units:
Clinical Investigation Centre – CIC-IMAD
Dr Caroline Trang & Dr Emilie Duchalais
Neurogastroenterology research unit TENS Inserm UMR 1235
Dr M. Neunlist - Link to the english page of TENS Laboratory
Physiopathologie of Nutritional Adaptations research unit PhAN Inrae UMR 1280
Dr P. Parnet - Link to the english page of PhAN Laboratory

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